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Elenora Mohair Button Cardi



Elenora Mohair Button Cardi
The Elenora is a cute, slightly cropped cardi. Available in a variety of soft colours and featuring 4 shell buttons.

Made in Italy
40% Polyamide, 23% Polyacrylic, 15% Wool, 22% Kid Mohair
RRP $180.00

Mohair is a luxury fibre from the hair of the Angora goat. It is resilient & durable, naturally elastic, flame-resistant, crease-resistant and soft against the skin. Most importantly, this cosy yarn is warm in the winter with it’s excellent insulating properties.
Kid Mohair is from the first shearing of a young goat and is even softer to the touch, and less irritant for sensitive skin.

Aida Rose sizing details:
This European style clothing is designed to fit a range of differently sized people. Some garments are one-size, but many of the Aida Rose garments come in 2 sizes.... Because let's be honest, one size just doesn't fit all!
The model pictured here in Lilac is 165cm and is a size 10-12.
The model pictured here in Olive is 170cm and is a size 8-10.


Aida Rose - made in Italy and designed with the fresh styles and colours of Europe. A range of women's clothing focusing on natural fibres and effortless designs that compliment your individual style. Made in Italy to be worn by you, for every occasion of everyday.

Please note: any Aida Rose clothing orders you place will not be fulfilled unless your store has been pre approved as an official Aida Rose clothing stockist.

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